Implant Dentistry

Dr. Sharma, South Plainfield, NJ Dentist, Dental Implants
Tooth loss and damage, especially as a person ages, is a common concern. Weak teeth, injury, and disease can also impact the overall health of the teeth in patients of any age. In the past, the only solutions included traditional dentures and bridges, or simply living with the problem. Those days are long past, thanks to technology and procedures designed for dental implants.

When faced with the possibility of dentures or a bridge, many people are concerned about the effects of the appliance. It is not uncommon to hear concerns about the appearance of the dental appliances, slippage, convenience, and all of the other common issues many people have about traditional dentures. With dental implants, many of those worries are laid to rest.

In some ways, the process to dental implants is similar to dentures. The dental professional will have to ensure that the site is prepared by extracting any teeth that cannot be salvaged and completing any groundwork, such as filling cavities or performing root canals so all of the remaining teeth are healthy and strong. At this point, instead of fitting and preparing dentures or a bridge, the dentist will create plans for the implants. Care is taken to create implants that match the structure, appearance, and color of the original teeth for seamless, perfect appearance later. 

Once the dental implants are ready, Dr. Sharma will perform the appropriate procedure and place in the implants in the jawbone. This process allows the appliance to be permanent, and patients aren’t required to treat the implant any differently than they would natural teeth. In other words, there is no cleaning and soaking solutions to deal with, or any problems with slipping and food under the appliance, as is common with dentures. Most patients handle the process well, and after the initial short-lived discomfort, go on leading normal lives with their perfect smile intact.

If dental implants sound like the right solution for your dental needs, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sharma and her friendly staff. They will put on the road to not only an attractive smile, but restore your dental health and vitality.